Wednesday, 13 May 2009


I came out at Nice Airport yesterday and felt very strange, while checking in I was already off balance. I got to Heathrow Airport and said to the girl behind the check in I am going to Cannes. She said their are no flights to Cannes just to Nice. I was about to answer yes there are when I remembered yes there are but only by Private Jet. As it is my birthday years flood back and it can be one of the most depressing days. I used to fly to Cannes with Johan and slip onto a helicopter and then land in my house in St Tropez, the old house of Eddie Barclay. Maison du Cap. Instead I have arrived back to where I started with Johan at Hotel du Cap. Very nice, very Bamford. All the beauty products and treatments, are Bamford influenced. They gave me back the room I had here with my husband and the Cabana too. So they didn't forget me. But you see I really wanted to hop on the helicopter and look at my house which I gave up very easily handing it over to Johan in a stupid divorce agreement, which means nothing. I want to see my dog Ulysses and sleep with him one more time. Johan and I bought Hotel du Cap through Henri Le Comte,the tennis player, about 9 years ago, from Carolyn, Eddie Barclay's ex wife. Eddie had lost the house in his divorce battle. An Impresario of great talent, losing his house when he was very old, was sad. I told Johan it was wrong and that he should live there. I tried to keep the feeling Eddie created at Maison du Cap, its soul, its life. He had entertained so many people, and in his of hour of need nobody was there. That is St Tropez for you! Full of fast moving Euro trash it has forgotten one of the personalities that made it so famous. Eddie lies in an unmarked grave somewhere, when he should have a statue in its centre. He came and had lunch with me once or twice and played on his pianos beautifully, his pair of white twinned pianos, one a Steinway and one a Yamaha. So although it's my birthday, I give this day to your memory Eddie, today is for you.

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Lisa Borgnes Giramonti said...

Such a beautiful poetic, so full of longing for the glory days of old. You have described everything beautifully, my darling...xx