Monday, 25 May 2009

GREEN, BRING BACK THE QUEEN. Can I be Green, and if so, there are some huge costs involved to become so.

There are good things about a recession, despite people moaning and groaning. For a long time I was bored to death by Magazines who lectured us on what to buy and where to buy it from.Who was cool and who we had to support. Hopefully this recession will allow people to use their imagination, make a dress, mend some shoes that they love, and not be encouraged to buy the latest new car unless it is green, but wash their old one. I have to downsize in any case. As I live in Chester Square and have got divorced, I have more space to move about in but need less. Looking for a smaller house occupies my time and it is lots of fun. Although I love my house a lot, it needs the patter off tiny feet and a husband. Neither of which I have. Where shall I look is another problem. I love Battersea on the water, Little Venice, Eliazabeth Street. Should I stick to the same area, can I move, will I survive. I have dreams of planting a garden, watering flowers, living on one floor. Not too domesticated I hate the sight of 4 X 4's and loathe a school run. Not being a great driver I had better buy something reasonably central. Will I learn to enjoy a walk more, to swim, to paint a gate.. I used to. I am brilliant at cleaning but not so good at ironing perhaps I can learn to do this and enjoy it too.
My ex husband Johan Eliasch bought part of a jungle in order to cover his foot print.
Realistically can I follow through with being green and more careful. How essential is it as I am naturally extravagant?. I attempt to buy green washing powder and washing up liquid, but like the smell of comfort. I have sent out my papers for recycling, and I have bought a mini, but when I go past Harvey Nichols will I be able to stop myself from going in?. I am tempted by all things facile Shall I play the piano more, sing more, tidy my cupboards once again. Find shoes I love but haven't worn out.. We will see. I have been attempting to be green whatever that means since the 1980's but still find it an upward battle. I wanted to change my house in LA to solar heating but it cost 40,000 dollars to do that, is it worth it, will it make me a better person. If there is such a problem in our universe, why is buying your own solar system, that in turn is sold to the grid, in the case of Los Angeles, so very expensive? I don't know. Hopefully my vegetables are growing there and the lemons too. Light bulbs or rather the changing of them, really will it make a difference, when shops are full of light? I think we should all look at the Green Issue a bit more closely. What would make a difference. Is something urgent? If so, what. Should it be government subsidized, etc etc. Are we being conned? Will it protect the children of the future or are we entering the world of Margaret Attwood's The Handmaids Tale, fast and furiously? As I mentioned before many people believe that the world of being Politically Correct has gone too far and is the "New Dictatorship". Personally I would like to bring the Queen back to rule England, as she would be much better at looking after our taxes than many of our present politicians.

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Deborah said...

I agree wholeheartedly, particularly about bringing back the Queen. Although a monarchy can be a bit dicey if you've got some nut running it, in some cases it is entirely appropriate (per Rousseau) and I trust the Queen implicitly. She should have taken over years ago.

As regards politically correctness, I'm so tired of being told what to do that I've shut down. Must of it is such BS.

I am making a dress. Totally by hand, no machine, no pattern. Must have it finished by my father's 80th birthday party on February 14, so I'm working night and day, and I can honestly say I've not enjoyed such a agreeable pastime in years. I'm also tempted to take up cobbling - I simply can't afford the shoes in Barney's, and unfortunately once one has fondled them, there is no going back.