Thursday, 23 April 2009


I have just bought a green shirt and - help - I have not asked my friend Rushka Bergman if it is okay. But it is from YSL so could be acceptable. I will wait until she sees it before I remove its labels and lose the receipt.
You really have to take seriously the opinion of somebody who can revitalize the tarnished image of Michael Jackson. Rushka has this ability, and more than that, she should be given the deserved credit.

I was lucky enough to meet her roughly ten years ago in the Katy Barker Offices in the USA. I had just been asked to shoot for V Magazine, and so rang up Katy and said my portfolio is full of nudes. She said go to my office and choose a stylist. I did, and there I found beautiful, haunting images of renaissance characters. I told Katy's assistant that I had never seen such flair. I then asked to work with the girl - and it was Rushka Bergman. Since then, we have worked on many projects, from Cloak and Dagger Butterfly. my book of poetry with photographs, to a book of Brazilian Artists for Enricco Navarro Galleries - and not forgetting Soma Magazine, where she was Fashion Editor, and L'oumo Vogue.

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