Monday, 13 April 2009


Sometimes things pass you by. Being keen on Bach and Mozart, and forbidden from listening to pop music as a child, I never really cared much about the charts . So I was friends with Bryan Ferry, but a stranger to his music. Luckily, I overturned this on a recent British Airways flight with hours to spend an no good films to watch. Instead, I came across a fascinating documentary on Mr Ferry, who is a truly learned man. When I saw him in London later, we talked about "Miss Otis Regrets", which my mother used to sing, too. And this week. he came to lunch in LA with his son Tara, who is drummer in a band called Rubber Kiss Goodbye - or something like that. Tara has a haughty harm - bleak, morose, suicidal - and if I was 30 years younger...

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