Monday, 9 March 2009



First thing this morning I went to the Stella McCartney Show, she showed lace with the lightest of silks. Light happy playful clothes, as the models skipped down the run way they looked comfortable and free. The show was thoroughly glamorous and there was her Father with his girlfriend who added that feeling of stardom that you need at the shows. Behind the scenes Pat Mgrath was chirpily pinching Snowden's cheaks as we sneaked in to see the models getting ready.. A very relaxed atmosphere, and no doubt I will go down Conduit Street in August to get one of her evening dresses.


I felt I had slipped back to 1968 and was in Rome having a drink with the late Princess Pignatelli.. She had such enormous style and would have loved Giamba's clothes today... Long dresses that go from morning to the evening, stunning peacock coats, flashes of peacock green, elegant trousers and structured 1960's jackets.. somewhere in my childhood I had seen women look like that, now photographs torn at the corners, just before everybody went wild.. Of course I might be wrong with my dates, but it was nostalgic, beautiful and in the days when women definitely changed for dinner and the cocktail trolley was in fashion..

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