Friday, 6 March 2009


Where do I start these two designers are so very different that I think its difficult to put them into the same sentence, but I am going to, because I have found a similarity... Its the clever useage of fabrics...however, they won't want to be in the same sentence so here I am  I will start with
Her show looked like she had raided the toy box, Pamela Anderson wearing wings, and managing to look angelic, Scottish Highland Music turned disco night classical bop Bach, played to full effect. Cloaks, plaids, chiffon, tutus at an angle ready for the wedding jumble sale, and you know you will find every teenager wanting to look like this.  Long rugby like socks warn over patterned black tights.. we really don't need to buy any more clothes, because Vivienne has found a solution: use imagination, pick out the worst thing in the wardrobe, and give it a funky beauty.... But one drawback, you must be pretty, and skinny, because this look would be dreadful if you don't have the vision to properly put it together..

If on the other hand you want to look like an old fashioned movie star, as I definitely do, then LANVIN is the one to go for.  I imagined myself in these 1950's black clothes, with feathers around my hairline, red lips, fur  draped across my shoulders, high heels, with a low dark husky voice. "I shall be in my trailer if you need me", sort of look.  These are easy clothes for the chic chic, and our daughters can wear Vivienne Westwood.. I want to be an old fashioned sort of girl, in a black and white movie, a Hitchcock Blonde.. just give me the lines... Everybody backstage looked ravishing... even the hairdressers and make up artists.. One story I must tell you about is how adorable Lanvin's Alber Elbaz is... Once in the Dover Street Market, he may remember, he helped me get dresse - but not in his own clothes. He chose, without hesitation, a Daphne Guinness gold shirt for me and an Alaia suit with some fabulous platforms, so he was very fair to the competition.

Travelling with Sophie Nails was quite something. She is boasting that you can get a Amy Winehouse hairdo at TOP SHOP for twenty one pounds, but I am staying faithful to my Snowden Hill.

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