Saturday, 7 March 2009


FLYING LIZZARDS VERSION OF MONEY ROXANNE PINK FLOYD's MONEY opened the Lesbian Sado Masochistic salon in red velvet, Betony Vernon dressed as a Bondage Queen with a whip fighting with models, elegant clothes against cat burglars, visa's on hats and masks, high hair, broad shoulders, red roses, a black and white floor in the atelier of Gaultier. Backless trench coats, tights with horizontal stripes, red lips, slick back hair, glossy and gorgeous. Acting was required and for once the models were believable.  Nothing very new, but thank god for that, at least we won't have to try on Balenciaga's new wierdo skirts with too much material that makes us all look porky... I love Gaultier's straight elegant look, so him and so dramatic.. I bought a coat the other day and the wow factor is incredibly sexy...I long to be his MADAME, he can kiss my booties.

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