Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Through the streets of Paris, I arrived by Black Mercedez to the shows, my first day as Fashion Editor for GENLUX.  Tilla Rudel, took me, my wonderful Parisian friend to see Anne Valerie Hash, one of the first shows to open  pret a porter.  From her magnificent atelier in the 10th arrondisement she showed her usual imagination this time with a mixture of fur and chiffon. Her colours were  muted mauves, pales dusky pinks, greys, and browns, with the girls wearing sparkling tights. and strappy platform shoes, and a chic variation of  Amy Winehouse's punky hair. I have a passion for Hash's thin delicate lace shirts, and now she adapted the idea into dresses with panels of fur.  This was set against  the medieval backdrop of a room in her Atelier. The room with gold miniature tiles, radiated a beautiful light which complimented the clothes. Her slouchy suits are little too comfortable for me, as I like to live in a corset to give myself good posture.  
Afterwards I went for lunch at the Costes, perfect for a rainy day...
Unless you are part of the fashion family it is as difficult to get into shows, as are the Oscars, no amount of compliments, money, or begging will get you a ticket... After chatting up all the men in Balenciaga and Jean Paul Gaultier, and spending a fortune, good old Snowden Hill, my lovely hairdresser from London, is luckily doing the shows, and is dragging me through models in various positions, from one show to the next.. Actually a more interesting way to see the mechanics of fashion week.

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