Tuesday, 10 March 2009


A huge show, with about 200 photographers pushing and shoving for their top shot.. A strange spectacle in a way because I felt I was taken back in time to ruffles in Amsterdam, Edwardian England, Punk and wandering puritanical Priests... Part of it I really loved and could imagine wearing. Long slimline coats over black chiffon on cream silk, and flat round hats. With his huge clientele it is probably impossible to keep everybody happy, but at least Karl Largerfeld, still can be applauded, and comes out with some successful surprises. Baby pink linings, baby pink tights, black jackets, ruffles on sleeves and the neck. The sage green trimmings looked great. At the end out Karl comes with his girls, looking fantastic as do the other men in the show..The very beautiful Amanda Harlech got me my invitation from their press office so I am a lucky girl.

Gossip with the hairdressers is that VICTOR AND ROLF did an incredible show yesterday stunning, sadly I didn't have an invitation or the connections to wing getting in.

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