Tuesday, 3 February 2009


I read this book about 8 years ago when I was having a midlife crisis, and it so moved me that when I spoke about it I used to burst into tears... The problem is: was it the midlife crisis, or the story? Anyway it touched a nerve.. and so I went nervously to see the film... I had even wanted to do the film, nagging to try and buy the rights, but with no real energy... The story as I remember it was slightly different, more intimate, more compact, and compassionate.  Of course if you haven't read the book, you may enjoy it more.. Did I cry because the film moved me, or did I cry because, of the memories I had at the time? Kate Winslet is wonderful, but if you had seen her in Revolutionary Road, you would think: can't she accept something more cheerful? Which  film is she better in?  The latter  probably... Still, go see it with an open mind - but without reading it first... 

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