Friday, 13 February 2009


It's pouring with rain and cold, and luckily  Kay Saatchi, like a pretty humming bird, has just arrived with the new edition of Finch's Quarterly Review. It is so good when people use old formats with beautiful black and white photographs.  Charles Finch is a charming rather eccentric man, living in London,  famous for, among many things, giving A list parties.... Last week he was the talk of London for his pre-BAFTA party at Annabels, everybody wanted to go, sadly my ex-husband was asked, so I wasn't.  It is okay I can get over the social stigma, of being divorced.  Actually I am the one who is usually asked. Next week he  hopefully will impress us with his pre-academy awards party, in Los Angeles. Charles cleverly works with Chanel. Such a lucky man being married to the very pretty Sydney, and having  a beautiful curly haired daughter called Oona. Charles is the son of Peter Finch.  The paper has been started when most journalists are being laid off, and wants to believe that at this difficult time it is good to be a maverick, start something new, and yet very old fashioned. Michael Chow, Richard Dreyfuss, Al Ruddy, Emma Thompson, John Malkovich, Minnie Driver, have all been asked to write articles..Out of them all the only one I am following is the advice from Tim Jefferies, he knows how to get everywhere, in every circle.. Sadly I won't be going to Bryan Lourd's party, Tim is right, it is the best, because I am no longer going out with Dr Sebagh, who used to be asked, and he took me.


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