Sunday, 1 February 2009

John Osborne's House in Chester Square

I love Architects and Architecture... John Osborne, had a house in Chester Square done by Sir Hugh Casson in about 1960 He was  just married to Penelope Gilliatt.. It was said to have been so expensive that it nearly  made him bankrupt.  John was writing plays for the Royal Court Theatre at the time, among them, Look Back in Anger and Luther.
Whether this is true or not there was nothing boring about the house, when I moved in nearly twenty years ago... I did it up with huge aid from my ex husband Johan Eliasch, who was a complete star... It was a massive project and took two years of our life to complete.I thought I was going to collapse, at the time I was studying at drama school, having a baby. Nobody really liked the house with its chain metal lights hanging in swags in the dining room,  the avery at the back, or the cork walls and purple carpet in my bedroom... however, I did.. Needing a lot of love and attention, I kept its craziness, and made it mine.. 

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