Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Danny Boyle should definitely be kissed to death for his brilliant film.. Had to see it twice, and being a huge fan of India, Bombay in particular, understood and appreciated his view of it.  I am not sure it is a happy film, and as I am of a nervous disposition,  thought I was in a washing machine, guessing what dreadful thing was going to happen next, and usually, sadly, I was right. Having been to India many times, staying with my good friends Minal and Lalit Modi, this film made me wish I was there again, giving ten dollars through cracks in the windows of a car, to pretty dirty little things.   Like everyone  I always wish for less poverty, less cruelty, but there is an  addictive element in this film, and it is compelling viewing from start to finish even though I had my eyes covered.  I am now fascinated too with cricket, who is the best, and who are the three musketeers?. A love story set against mastermind doesn't normally  do it for me.  Who however could resist these adorable children, and who better to win Oscars...

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