Tuesday, 27 January 2009

I was reminded today of a 
my Mother made,
why would any man give up
anything for you....
She has since died but the memory
of her words haunt me everyday
as I saw a car in your drive
saw letters in your drawer
a credit card, words...
usually a picture goes up or
down but why would any man
give up these things for me....

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Kenia Cristina Silva said...

Hello Dear,
I am 27 years old, Brazilian and my mom constantly shares her wisdom with me as well. I believe that someday I will definitely get it and be able to share it with a daughter, but right now I am still at a place where the pictures that are still on the wall stare at me and I say: How do you dare... Till with time, after being impatiently calm and a little cold blooded I win and after a move or an organization of pics they don`t exist anymore.
And yes, the drawers would deserve a post in your blog too.
When do you thing we reach the age of wisdom?
English isn`t my first language so, ignore mistakes.
Good luck to all of us, adventurous enough to be in a relationship and still trying to decipher the one we have with ourselves. Monogamy doesn`t exist, we always bring our multiple selves.