Saturday, 24 January 2009


The photograph was sent from my Snowden, of Ivor Braka, the  great art dealer, Jerry Hall, stunning model, Piggy in the Middle and Nancy Dell'Olio, My hairdresser makes me look more and more like Mozart every day... the love of my life Snowden Hill.

Now in Marrakech, dreaming of a villa here, where it only rains 16 days a year, and I can imagine living in 500 BC.  Returning to the land of fantasy, water sellers in red with time etched on their faces, men in medieval hoodies, cloaks to the floor, the food stalls, the carpets, the hash, acrobats, musicians, singing five notes, mint tea brewed, the story tellers, the goats, monkeys, horse and carts. There is so much to see that I  am dizzy. Last night had a hammam at the luxurious Amanjena, a gated palace, which offers you Walt Disney Morocco, just as I like it, white fluffy towels, minute swimming pools at the end of your garden, circular rooms with fireplaces, birds that talk and eat with you at breakfast.  It is one of my favourite havens in the world, and I have come to sleep...I can't stay in the souk too long, get exhausted.

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